Last update: Sep 10th, 2020

Peer-Reviewed Publications

†: equal co-authorship

Targeting humanitarian aid using administrative data: model design and validation.
Altindag, O., O’Connell S.D., Sasmaz A., Balcioglu Z., Jerneck M., Foong A.K., 2020.
Journal of Development Economics, forthcoming.

Blessing or Burden? The Impact of Refugees on Businesses and the Informal Economy.
Altindag, O., Bakis, O., Rozo, S., 2020.
Journal of Development Economics, 146, 102490.

Do Refugees Impact Voting Behavior in the Host Country? Evidence from Syrian Refugee Inflows in Turkey.
Altindag, O., Kaushal, N., 2020.
Public Choice.

Can Nonexperimental Methods Provide Unbiased Estimates of a Breastfeeding Intervention?: A Within-Study Comparison of Peer Counseling in Oregon.
Altindag, O., Joyce, T., and Reeder, J. A., 2019.
Evaluation Review, 43(3–4), 152–188.

Effects of the Affordable Care Act Medicaid Expansion on Subjective Well-Being in the US Adult Population, 2010–2016.
Kobayashi, L., Altindag, O., Truskinovsky, Y., Berkman, L., 2019.
American Journal of Public Health, 109, 1236-1242.

Judicial Bypass for Minors Obtaining an Abortion: Ten years of Data from Arkansas.
Altindag, O., Joyce, T., 2017.
American Journal of Public Health, 107, 1266-1271.

On Measuring and Reducing Selection Bias with a Quasi-Doubly Randomized Preference Trial.
Joyce, T., Remler, D.K., Jaeger, D.A., Altindag, O., O’Connell, S.D., Crockett, S., 2017.
Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 36(2), 36, 438-459.

Son Preference, Fertility Decline, and the Nonmissing Girls of Turkey.
Altindag, O., 2016.
Demography, 53(2), 53, 541-566.

Does Classroom Time Matter?
Joyce, T., Crockett, S., Jaeger, D.A., Altindag, O., O’Connell, S.D., 2015.
Economics of Education Review, 46, 64-77.

Telephone Peer Counseling of Breastfeeding Among WIC Participants: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
Reeder, J.A., Joyce, T., Sibley, K., Arnold, D., Altindag, O., 2014.
Pediatrics, 134, e700-e709.

Working Papers

Mental Health Costs of Lockdowns: Evidence from Age-specific Curfews in Turkey .
Altindag, O., Erten, B., Keskin, P., 2020.

The impact of humanitarian assistance on the economic well-being of conflict-driven refugees.
Altindag, O., O’Connell S.D., 2020.
(Pre-registered, ongoing analysis).

The Great Recession, Older Workers with Disabilities, and Implications for Retirement Security.
Michigan Retirement Research Center Research Paper, WP 2012-277.
Altindag, O., Schmidt, L., Sevak, P. 2012. (dormant)